Why you should hire a Real Estate Professional to lease your investment property.

With the amount of information available on the internet people often try to do things themselves, and sometimes can accomplish them successfully. When it comes to leasing your property there are several reasons why you should consider hiring a Real Estate Professional. First of all most of us do this full time day in and day out. This allows us to know the market and gives us an edge in evaluating your competition, the inventory, pricing etc.

Realtor’s have the resources to market your property beyond the conventional craigslist or dare I say it newspaper ads. Personally I feel craigslist is a great tool as it is used by so many. Marketing your property is time consuming and extremely competitive. Within minutes of posting your ad on craigslist it quickly is topped by many others and lands pages down in the search. But to truly and effectively market your property with maximum exposure your agent will have many more tools and venues to display your property and expose it to a larger audience. Also good agents are working with prospective tenants all the time and may already know qualified prospective tenants that may be a good fit. The MLS (Multiple Listing Service) is one of the many venues I use. This allows your property to be shared with Realtor’s throughout the community who may also already be working with qualified tenants.
Your time is worth something wouldn’t you agree? You will either have to take time out of your work day, or family life to answer phone calls, emails, and of course show the property to prospective tenants. A lot of those prospects won’t be qualified, ready to rent, or maybe just really didn’t read the ad itself and the apartment doesn’t meet their needs. You will be talking to numerous prospects over and over again until you eventually find the right fit. Who knows how long it will take.
Your Realtor will also be able to screen prospects, run the credit and background checks, and handle the transaction to its completion thus saving you valuable time. With the right Realtor things are done more efficiently because we do this everyday. We can handle the questions, situations which may arise, negotiations and I know in my office the screening process is more in depth and designed to help ensure quality tenants.
Be sure to speak with agents about their process, fees and any questions that you may have. Each agent is different and their experience will vary. Find a professional your comfortable with and let them take the stress off of you.
Written by Michael Sylvester, Licensed Realtor at Century 21 Shawmut Properties with offices in Newton and Boston, MA

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