You define yourself


Bill Gates said it and I have to agree. We all have the opportunity to say I wish I did what “they did”, I wish I thought about “doing it that way”. The truth is we all have our own dreams to become successful like “those” people. Our failure is that we put ourselves in categories and fear the success. Our thought process needs to change to “I can, I will” the negativity needs to cease to exist in our own minds in order for each one of us to flourish. Our attitude needs to reflect our desire which will in turn develop our mindset to success. Focus on your goals, dream bigger than you can ever imagine, accept your failures as lessons, and truly learn. Then after many failures you will become successful! Only then will you realize that failures are merely stepping stones to achievement. You figured out what didn’t work, had the audacity to move on, and find what did and continued to strive to do it well, improve it, change it, embrace your success. Never quit, never give up…stay true to your goal


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