Memorial Day

I still think of you,

every time I see our flag.

I think of your sacrifice,

and things you could have had.

I think of your family and friends,

and all the things you missed.

While you answered a calling,

that most would just resist.

I think of when it was my turn,

the shitty places we have been.

A tear builds in my eyes just thinking,

about your duty to our country you defend.

I see the soldier walking on the street,

people pass without a thought.

I see the old man with his vet hat on,

people have no idea the demons he has fought.

I hear the ignorance of people,

who have no idea.

I watch them go on with life,

as if they do not care.

I just want you to know,

that some of us believe in you.

And in our hearts and prayers,

We appreciate all that you do.

God bless you and your families,

and thanks is not enough.

But my kids are safe because of you,

and in you I still trust.

Thanks to our men and woman who have sacrificed.


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