Chewing gum on the pavement

Life will throw you curve balls now and then. For some of us the curve balls come more often. Think about the journey of life, it’s filled with obstacles, road blocks, objections if you will that tend to hinder most in reaching there goals. It’s how we deal with those things that define us, that let us envision and move forward with our lives and to meet our goals.

If you think about it, what happens when you actually meet your goal? Have you succeeded? I think not, if you don’t have another goal I would say you failed. An achievement or a goal met, is merely a brick in the road that you are paving. As you set that goal you need to realize that there are steps. Imagine the unearthed grown before each step. As you accomplish something, you place the brick allowing you to take the next step propelling you forward.

Imagine, your walking down a road paved by someone else. At some point, their journey was not enough for you..that’s exactly the point where you discover, not find, but discover your journey. It’s easy to travel the road paved by someone else. But when you get to the end of that road and realize that you can create your own journey, you define yourself. So think about something, do you want to travel the roads created and defined by others? Work the job, to get by, or do you want to create a journey so amazing that others will walk that road and build a journey of their own.

We all start on a road that someone else has created. We all have the ability to learn from their journey and establish a new road, a new goal. Or we could walk the road already paved, step in gum, sit on the bench to pick it off our shoes, while others pass us and build great things. Chewing gum on the road can be a learning experience…or put us on the bench picking it off while life passes us by.


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