The Journey

Mike Sylvester Realtor

The journey is what you make of it. There will be good times and bad, successes and failures along the road. Learn from the failures and design a plan with the knowledge you’ve gained. Implement the plan into what you’ve been doing for success and your foundation gains strength. If something doesn’t work don’t focus on it, focus on the solution and what you know already works. Your the architect, the engineer and the builder all in one. Keep building!

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Whiskey and friends

I’ll raise a glass

and toast your ass

I’ll take a pull

even when I’m full

because today’s your birthday

it’s my chance to say Hey!

So raise it up

have another cup

from another world

don’t be a girl

Toss it down

shots all around

It’s Ron McKeithen

Here’s to his week and weekend!

Chewing gum on the pavement

Life will throw you curve balls now and then. For some of us the curve balls come more often. Think about the journey of life, it’s filled with obstacles, road blocks, objections if you will that tend to hinder most in reaching there goals. It’s how we deal with those things that define us, that let us envision and move forward with our lives and to meet our goals.

If you think about it, what happens when you actually meet your goal? Have you succeeded? I think not, if you don’t have another goal I would say you failed. An achievement or a goal met, is merely a brick in the road that you are paving. As you set that goal you need to realize that there are steps. Imagine the unearthed grown before each step. As you accomplish something, you place the brick allowing you to take the next step propelling you forward.

Imagine, your walking down a road paved by someone else. At some point, their journey was not enough for you..that’s exactly the point where you discover, not find, but discover your journey. It’s easy to travel the road paved by someone else. But when you get to the end of that road and realize that you can create your own journey, you define yourself. So think about something, do you want to travel the roads created and defined by others? Work the job, to get by, or do you want to create a journey so amazing that others will walk that road and build a journey of their own.

We all start on a road that someone else has created. We all have the ability to learn from their journey and establish a new road, a new goal. Or we could walk the road already paved, step in gum, sit on the bench to pick it off our shoes, while others pass us and build great things. Chewing gum on the road can be a learning experience…or put us on the bench picking it off while life passes us by.


Today was another great day, I woke up and put my two feet on the ground and I am grateful! I had the opportunity not to reflect on the negatives of yesterday, but to learn from them. My reflection was on the positives and how I can build from them. To many people carry the negatives with them. It’s like walking through life with a backpack that’s empty, every time something bad happens, it’s a rock and you pick it up, stuff it in the backpack. Sooner or later that backpack is going to way you down. You can only carry so many rocks before they way you down and stop you from progressing and moving forward. You can only fit so many rocks in that backpack before you have to dump it! The problem is, and my own reality has shown me that dumping it isn’t always easy…our instinct is to carry that backpack until it ways us down. Then we can’t move forward, have no where to go and dwell on those dam rocks until we are sunk.

Imagine you shed that backpack, stop holding on to those rocks? How freeing would that be? How liberating would you be if you never had to pick up another rock? It would be amazing, don’t you agree? I know, I know…your reading this and just in case you haven’t figured it out yet, the rock is stress, and your saying to me that everyone has stress…NEWSFLASH..your right. How you deal with that stress is what will define you. Do you hold on to a rock that you have no control of or do you throw it so far away from you that you’ll never see it again. I choose the latter. There is some stress I can’t control.

There are rocks that we pick up because we have to. Rocks that we can’t avoid because they are blocking are path. Now again you have two choices. Before I give you the answer I’ll ask you..where do stones come from? Do you see where I’m going here?.

Take that stress, smash those rocks and what do you have? Yup stepping stones. Imagine your strolling through the path of life and you come to a stream and no way to cross. Take those rocks and smash them, they become stepping stones for you to learn and build from. Lay them in the path in front of you, learn from them and cross that stream and continue on your journey!

Memorial Day

I still think of you,

every time I see our flag.

I think of your sacrifice,

and things you could have had.

I think of your family and friends,

and all the things you missed.

While you answered a calling,

that most would just resist.

I think of when it was my turn,

the shitty places we have been.

A tear builds in my eyes just thinking,

about your duty to our country you defend.

I see the soldier walking on the street,

people pass without a thought.

I see the old man with his vet hat on,

people have no idea the demons he has fought.

I hear the ignorance of people,

who have no idea.

I watch them go on with life,

as if they do not care.

I just want you to know,

that some of us believe in you.

And in our hearts and prayers,

We appreciate all that you do.

God bless you and your families,

and thanks is not enough.

But my kids are safe because of you,

and in you I still trust.

Thanks to our men and woman who have sacrificed.


When I get up in the morning, I want to know that I inspired one person yesterday, and strive to inspire two today. Life may not be perfect, our obstacles, are just that “our obstacles”, we all have them. How you accomplish them is your journey. How “we” accomplish them is our destiny. Don’t be afraid to combine forces! @sylvestersells

My thought for today

“Even if you think your ready to give up, don’t. Take the next step and seize the next opportunity. Overcome the obstacle, because it’s just that. It’s part of your journey, to learn from, embrace and help you achieve what you are meant to! Don’t let anything stop you!” My thought for today, Mike Sylvester @sylvestersells